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Frequently Asked Questions

We commonly receive the similar questions from patients, so to help eliminate confusion we have answered them below to help you buy marijuana clones with confidence.

How do I receive my plants?

All orders are confirmed over the phone, to finalize total count as well as genetics desired. This eliminates any confusion on pick up day. Once the nearest pick up location to you is determined, you will be given the delivery persons contact information as well as a pick up time. If for any reason, you need to change your order, or pick up times, please allow us at least two hours to modify the order. We understand that situations happen, please just call us and we are happy to find a solution.

Are you a store front?

We do not operate out of a traditional brick and mortar store front. Clones are in the beginning stages of a plants life cycle, and we believe they are best kept in an optimal environment, the nursery, as opposed to sitting on a shelf waiting for a patient to buy them. This also allows only the very best clones to be selected for your order, instead of what is simply on the shelf at that moment in time.

Do you have every strain on your site?

We do our very best to keep a wide variety of indica, sativa, purple & hybrid strains on hand at all times. Even with our best efforts, our inventory is forever fluctuating. We are committed to never sacrificing our patients trust by mislabeling genetics, so please call for our current inventory. We understand that it can be frustrating not having the exact strain you want on hand, many times, very similar strains will be available. Our belief is that being up front and honest puts the control back into the patient’s hands, allowing you to determine if you would like to choose different genetics, or simply deciding not to order from our current inventory.

What is the difference between clones and pre-teens?

Clones, are small cuttings, typically 3-7inches tall, that have been cut from a female “mother Plant” and then allowed to 10-21 days to develop their own root structure. We are committed to only provide strong, healthy,well rooted clones to patients. Clones are to be considered as baby marijuana plants, and some additional care should be taken to ensure they flourish into healthy adults. Pre-teens as the name implies, are older in age than clones. They typically are from 4-6 weeks from being cut, stand typically 7-12inchs tall and have been transplanted into a secondary growing medium. These are more robust than clones, and allow patients a shorter vegetation window before transitioning into the flowering stage.

What if I’m not happy with my plants?

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We offer a very common sense approach with our exchange policy. We ask that you inspect your order upon arriving home, and to notify us immediately with any concerns. We allow up to72 hours to return plants for replacements for a refund.

Clones you can count on

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  • Verified genetics

  • Guaranteed no bugs/mold/mites

  • All well-rooted plants

  • First generation cuts

  • Exchange policy

  • Desired phenotypes within your area

Clones you can count on



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