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Marijuana Clones Chico expanding your cannabis strain selectionThe legalization of marijuana has brought rapid change to local economies all over Southern California, including Chico. With this new agrarian sector opening up, Chico has seen an exciting expansion in marijuana clones for sale in Chico and all over California. Growers in Chico know that they have a wide variety of marijuana users to cater to, from patients who need specific genetics to serve as medication, to recreational users who are always hungry for new flavors and effects. In the past, California may have been dominated by a few skunk strains, but the cannabis culture of today features a practically endless variety of marijuana strains.

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One of the good things about participating in California’s current marijuana economy is that, whether you’re a grower or a user or both, you have options for where to buy clones for sale in Chico. However, you should avoid choosing sites like or craigslist. While such websites could seem like an easy and cheap solution at first glance, they offer no guarantees of genetic authenticity. And since marijuana consumers in California have grown to expect high-quality and verified strains, growing your crops from random clones you got off craigslist won’t get you very far.

Clone Care offers a convenient alternative that guarantees you precise genetics at a good value. You can obtain your favorite strain easily through our website,, once you get verified.

We provide Cannabis Clones available for sale in Chico California

Where are cannabis clones available for sale in Chico California

We work with a broad network of growers who pride themselves on their verified, first-generation clones, guaranteed to be free of any bugs, mold, or mites. Our business model connects medical marijuana users, recreational users, and novice growers with healthy plants in every possible strain.

And if you’re new to the cannabis industry and have questions about some of the lingo, we’re happy to give you some background information. When we refer to a marijuana clone, we’re talking about 4 to 6-inch plants that are roughly around one to two weeks old. These young plants can also be called babies. When the babies grow to six to ten inches, they become pre-teens. When they grow to a height of 10 to 20 inches, these plants have become teens.

Considering that the legal marijuana industry is relatively young, there are still some industry-wide problems. At Clone Clare, we work hard to avoid falling into these mistakes and negative patterns in our business. One such problem occurs when dispensaries and big-time growers spend thousands of dollars on a particular strain at their patients’ request, only to discover that they mislabeled the plant. To avoid this trap, we’ve added verification to our plants.

Don’t buy just any Marijuana Clones in Chico

Clone Care California Strainbank can provide you with superior genetics, not just random marijuana seedlings with unknown effects. Whether you’re a breeder trying to develop authentic hybrids from specific genotypes or a new grower who needs cannabis that yields consistent results, Clone Care is the best provider of flower-verified, lab-tested marijuana clones for sale in Chico. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our representatives will walk you through the process of ordering your clones.

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