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The legalization of marijuana has dramatically changed the agricultural landscape of California. Farmers in Elk Grove California are scrambling to grow enough quality product to keep up with growth in consumer demand. Between patients who require specific genetics for their medication and recreational users on the lookout for new flavors and effects, there is an increasing need for marijuana clones for sale in Elk Grove. The booming cannabis culture in California today means endless marijuana strains and advanced genetics, leaving behind the few skunk strains that dominated the region in the eighties.

Are you looking for the best Marijuana Clones for sale in Elk Grove California?

You have plenty of options for where to buy clones for sale in Elk Grove, but be careful, because not all of these options are equal in terms of quality. While you can purchase plants from websites like craigslist or, this strategy can backfire when you end up with plants that aren’t the strain or don’t have the strength that you were looking for. Today’s Californians care about quality and genetic authenticity in their strains, so it pays to be choosy about your source for plants. Instead of gambling on marijuana clones from disreputable sources, obtain your favorite strain effortlessly through our website,, as soon as you get verified.

Where are Cannabis Clones available for sale in Elk Grove California?

Where are cannabis clones available for sale in Elk Grove California

Clone Care connects medical marijuana users with growers who have verified, first-generation, bug, mold, mite free clones. A clone is a 4 to 6-inch plant that is roughly around one to two weeks old. They are also referred to as babies. The babies then evolve into a pre-teen six to ten inches and finally into a teen, 10 to 20 inches.

We are out to fix the problems in the industry. Dispensaries and big-time growers will spend thousands of dollars on a certain strain that their patients request, only to find out the plant was mislabeled. So, we’ve added verification to the plants.

We have verified Cannabis Clones available for sale in Elk Grove California

Our expansive network of marijuana growers provides us with verified, first-generation, and bug, mold, and mite-firee clones. And if you’ve read up to this point but are confused by our vocabulary, we can clarify some terms for you. A marijuana clone is a 4 to 6-inch plant in the range of one to two weeks old. You might also hear these plants referred to as babies. When the babies have grown to six to ten inches, we call them pre-teens. Finally, they evolve into teens, around 10 to 20 inches.
We know that as legal cannabis in California has expanded, so have problems in the industry. We have designed our business model with care to avoid replicating those problems, ensuring that our process is efficient, secure, and reliable. For example, often dispensaries and big-time growers will waste thousands of dollars on a particular strain requested by their patients, only to find out that they initially mislabeled the plant. The strict verification process we’ve added to our plants prevents problems like this within our company.

Don’t settle for just any Marijuana Clones in Elk Grove

Clone Care California Strainbank produces superior genetics, not poor quality marijuana plants of unknown origins. Whether you’re a new grower searching for cannabis that yields reliable results, or a breeder trying to develop authentic hybrids from pure genotypes, Clone Care is here for you as the number one source of flower-verified, lab-tested marijuana clones for sale in Elk Grove. Give us a call today, and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to answer any questions and help you order the strains you need.

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