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Legal marijuana has boosted the agrarian economy up and down the West Coast, and nowhere is this truer than in Humboldt California. There has never been a more exciting time to be a marijuana grower in Humboldt, as growers can cater to everyone from patients who need specific genetics for their medication, to recreational users who are always ready for new flavors and effects. While California may have been limited by a few skunk strains back in the eighties, those days are long gone. The cannabis culture of today features a bountiful variety of marijuana strains.

Are you searching for the best Marijuana Clones for sale in Humboldt California?

Because California’s marijuana economy is currently booming, growers and users have a wealth of options for buying clones for sale in Humboldt. However, it pays to be cautious, because not all sources for marijuana clones are going to be equally fruitful. Don’t make the mistake of buying cheap plants from websites like or craigslist. If this is your first time buying, these websites might seem like a good deal, but they give you no guarantee of the genetic authenticity of your plants. Californian marijuana consumers expect nothing less than the highest quality and verified strains, so you’re unlikely to find much success growing from random clones you got off craigslist.

Clone Care is here to be your guaranteed alternative for authentic genetics at your convenience. You can purchase your preferred strain effortlessly through our website,, once you get verified.

Come to us for Cannabis Clones available for sale in Humboldt California

Our growers pride themselves on their first-generation, verified clones, and our strict quality controls guarantee that every plant is free of bugs, mold, and mites. Our business model connects recreational users, medical marijuana users, and novice growers with healthy, flourishing plants in every possible strain.

We’re also happy to provide any background information you need to navigate California’s cannabis culture. When we mention marijuana clones, we’re referring to 4 to 6-inch plants that are between one and two weeks old. You might also hear people calling these plants babies. When the babies grow to six to ten inches, the term for them is pre-teens. When they grow to a height of 10 to 20 inches, growers and dispensaries refer to these plants as teens.

Considering the relative newness of legal marijuana in California, it’s not surprising that some problems and missteps have become common throughout the cannabis industry. For instance, it’s common for dispensaries and big-time growers to pour thousands of dollars into one particular strain that their patients need, only to discover that they mislabeled the plant and wasted all that time and money. We’ve added verification to our plants to prevent this problem.

Don’t settle for just any Marijuana Clones in Humboldt

Clone Care California Strainbank is your source for superior genetics, rather than random marijuana seedlings from unknown origins. Whether you’re a breeder trying to develop authentic hybrids from specific genotypes or a new grower who needs reliable results from your cannabis, Clone Care offers you flower-verified, lab-tested marijuana clones for sale in Humboldt. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and our representatives will be happy to help.

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