How to Care for your Clones?

When buying marijuana plants from a provider like is only the first step in the long process of growing cannabis. Keep in mind that the clones were previously in a vastly different environment. Stress will be the primary factor that prevents clones from making a successful transition. When bringing clones into your new growing environment make sure they are adequately watered. During transplanting and watering make sure the ph is between 5.5-6 for hydroponics and 6-6.5 for soil.

One primary consideration is the change in temperature/humidity. Your clones will be leaving an environment with a temperature range from 72- 80. Keep in mind that any sudden variation within this temperature range will vastly stress the clones. A humidity range of 50-60% is ideal. Exhaust and fresh air intake will be vital in their new growing environment.

A Hygrometer can be used to measure the humidity. This will help ensure a proper dry.

Proper light adjustment will help ease the transition. The clones can be place under a T5 fluorescent light with no acclimation needed. T5 Fluorescent lights consist of a very soft spectrum and new clones should be gradually introduced to high intensity discharged lighting, such as metal halide or high pressure sodium. Ideally, clones should be introduced to a similar T-5 fluorescent lighting as the provider was using. If this is out of question, then HID lights such as metal halide and sodium can be successfully used. If you choose to place them under HID lights, then lift the lights between 5-6 feet above the clones. Lower the lights 6-12 inches each day until the light is 2-4 feet away. Gradually lower the lights as the clones begin to harden off. Keep in mind that the time frame varies based on how the clones adjust to the new environment and lighting.

Nutrients will be your next consideration. Plants in nutrient rich soil do not usually need food for 1-2 weeks. Do not water the plants until the top inch of soil is dry or the rockwool is not fully saturated. When feeding plants nutrients, start with a mild dosage and increase nutrient strength as plant size increases. Any basic 2 or 3-part nutrient solution may be used, but keep in mind your watering babies. 1ml per gallon of any solution should be a good start. Adjust watering increments as growth proceeds. Yellowing is an indication of lack of nutrients. Purple stems are a sign of magnesium calcium deficiency. Less is always more with babies. You can always use more nutrients but you can’t take them away. It’s recommended to wait at least 3-4 days after adjusting new clones to their future environment prior to transplanting.