Trimming and Drying:

This is the old-school, nothing fancy, very easy way to trim and dry your marijuana plants

Hang the plant at 50-55% humidity for 5-7 days. There are many different variables that can affect the duration of plant hanging. They include temperature, size of bud and the size of the stalk and stem. Stall the initial dry before it goes into jar the longest you possibly you can. This will give insight on when the others should end. Put the bud into a jar and wait 24-48 hours before taking the bud out. This depends on how wet or dry the bud is. Essentially we want the bud to sweat back in and draw moisture from the bigger sized buds.

Inspect the bud and if it is dry on the outside with a slight crunch then the moisture was drawn to the inside and you are on pace for proper curing. If the buds are moist then leave the bud outside the jar for around two hours until the outside has the crunch. Repeat this process (opening the jar, taking the bud out for 60 seconds, putting the bud back into jar) every day for the first week. After the first week, you can do this every other day; However, some like to open it up every day for the first two weeks just to quickly check on them. Once you are sure buds have entered the cure zone, maybe after 2-3 weeks, you may start opening the jars just once/week.

You’ll know it’s cured when there’s a nice crisp on the outside. When you crack the bud open you’ll hear a nice pop. This is very old-school and there’s nothing fancy to it but it’s efficient. To dumb-it-down your opening a jar about 14 times over 3 weeks after initially letting them hang for about 7 days. I wouldn’t leave the jar closed. At least open the jar once or twice a week. This keeps the bud fresh.


  1.  Cutting the plant: There are many different ways to do this. They are all successful- it is simply your preference. You can cut branches off and hang them to dry. Some will cut the single bud so they can be laid out to dry. Personally, I like to cut the plant at the base and dangle the whole plant upside down to dry out.
  2. Trim: Cut off as many fans leave that you can if you live in a humid area. This will ensure a quicker dry and it is also preventative against mold. A good guide to follow is:
    1. Dry- some fan leaves can be left
    2. Humid- trim as many fan leaves
    3. Very humid- remove buds from branches during the dry
  3. Hang the buds: As I eluded to earlier, the optimal drying temperature is around 50-55% humidity and 70 Degrees Fahrenheit. Hanging the buds upside down is the proper way to dry. Please do not rush this process as this is a pivotal step in the overall quality of the bud. I hang my buds on hangers while others use string or dryer racks (faster). Here is an example of hanging buds
  4. Buds are Dry: Buds will snap off without leaving the excess plant. This will occur when the outside of the buds feel dry and usually between days 3-7. Use the smaller buds as an indicator for proper dryness. Crack off the smaller buds with your fingers. If there isn’t a stem string behind, then this means the buds are dry. A string stem on the smaller bud is a sign that they need more time to dry. The bigger bud stems will bend (not snap) and this means they’re ready to go.
  5. Mason Jars:
 The ideal curing setting for inside jars is 70 degrees f and 60-65% humidity. If you followed step 4 correctly, then the humidity of the jar will be prime because of the bud. Fill each jar 3⁄4 of the way to leave some breathing room. The outside of the bud should be completely dry. When the buds are properly drying, they won’t stick together. If the buds are clumping together then they were put into the jar too soon. In this case, take the top off of the jar until the outsides are entirely dry.
  6.   Let in Air:
    1.  If buds are wet, then place them outside the jar for 80-120 minutes
    2. If buds have a slight moist then take of the jar for around 30 minutes
    3.  If buds are dry, then we are in the prime zone
    4.  If buds are flakey and crunchy then leave them alone or use a Humidipak to moisten